Frequently Asked Questions:


Q.) what's your name? 
A.) I'm Breanna, nice to meet chaa!

Q.) How old are you?
A.) I'm 23.

Q.) Where are you located?
A.) Clarkston, Michigan

Q.) Do you have a P.O box?
A.) We do!! 

Breanna and Ed
P.O Box 1530
Clarkston, MI 48347

Q.) What days are you live? 
A.) We are live every Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday. Times vary.

Q.) When do you ship?
A.) As of now, shipping happens on Thursdays only.

 Q.) Where do the oysters come from? 
A.) Japan

Q.) Who is your supplier.
A.) I am unable to provide you with this information at this time. 

Q.) What company are you?
A.) We are Pearls, Please? Independently owned and operated.  

Q.) How long have you been doing this for?
A.) Since Mid November 2016.

Q.) What made you start this business?
A.) I love pearls. I was born in June so my birthstone is pearl. I love to entertain people and i'm a social butterfly. 

Q.) What deals do you have going on?
A.) Browse the website, deal are always changing. 

Q.) If i purchase multiple live show dates on one invoice will they be shipped individually?
A.) No, if you are wanting your pearls to be shipped right after they are opened then you would need to checkout with each one individually and pay for the shipping for each. If you put them all on one invoice they will be shipped when the last live show ordered is passed.

Q.) How do pearls get different colors?
A.) There are multiple correct answers to this question. Natural colored pearls get their color from the color of the inside of the shell. Pearls can also be removed from the oyster (once at requested size) placed into a container of liquid dye and left there until the desired color is reached. Oysters are also injected with a liquid that (before the pearl starts to form and the pearl gets its color from the liquid.

Q.) How much are pearls worth?
A.) Depends if they are "wild" or "cultured". We have had ours appraised from $38-$94. The price depends on the size, shape, luster, color and quality of the pearl.  

Q.) How can i cancel an order i placed?
A.) At this time we are unable to cancel any orders. Please make sure you are 100% sure what you have in your shopping cart is what you are wanting to purchase before putting in your card information.

Q.) Why am i unable to comment on your live shows?
A.) If you are unable to comment you may have been banned from the page. We ban when you post inappropriate comments in the live show. If you feel that you have been banned in error please email us at: and we will look into the situation.