To Go Oysters

Oyster(s) Only *Open at Home* (BOGO)

from 20.00

1.       Rip soft part of shell towards the opening of the oyster off and dispose.

2.       Use a butter knife or a dull knife to cut open oyster shell carefully. (Sharp knives can damage pearls!)

3.       Search for the pearl.  Some oyster the pearl just pops right out, others you have to dig in the oyster meat to find the pearl.

4.       DO NOT EAT THE MEAT! These oysters have been preserved in a rubbing alcohol and water formula that makes them toxic for humans and animals to eat!

5.       Rinse the pearl in luke-warm water and towel dry. (use a soft towel to avoid scratching the pearl.

6.       Dispose of meat and shell out of reach of children and pets!

99.9999% of our oysters contain a pearl. We do not guarantee the oyster you are about to open has a pearl.


TO GO oysters cannot be shipped through customs. If you are not in the United States you cannot purchase oysters to open at home. If you do place an order, all items will ship except the oyster and you will NOT be refunded for the oysters.

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